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Chris Hludzik – Yours In Rock Review
By Michael Meade
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Yours in Rock is an interesting mash up of indie rock themes, from not living your life around an indecisive possible lover, to the mental state of the planet’s populace, to insomnia.

Chris’ musical career has run a lot of ground (performing, writing, engineering, mixing, and producing), explaining the album’s diverse subject matter perfectly. But best of all, Chris’ songs sound and feel like they were written from living life, not just watching it pass by.

Yours in Rock is ten tracks of originality: Live, Leave It At Home, Insomnia, Negative Space, Friend, Sleep Forever, Big Damn Deal, What Good, Grain of Sand, and All Amped Up, respectively.

There is an underlying melancholic quality to most of the tracks; a very “tired of living, but the music keeps me going” feeling, even in the rather funny Insomnia. Which incidentally, is my favorite track, being a regular sufferer of the sleep disorder, along with the added bonus of my good friend Sarah Yzkanin of Dealer In Wares singing harmony.

What Good is another track I enjoyed a good bit, an almost Reagan-Era punk level disgust with society.

Yours in Rock earns its three out of five with indie style that few others can match.

Yours in Rock was written, arranged, and produced by Chris Hludzik. Chris also pulled lead and backing vocals, rhythm guitars, bass, lead guitar, and keyboards on Yours in Rock.

Joined by Bryan Brophy on drums and percussion, Clyde Rosencrance on lead and rhythm guitars on Live, Insomnia, Friend, and Big Damn Deal, Sarah Yzkanin on harmony and backing vocals on Insomnia and Big Damn Deal, Lenny Mecca on bass on Grain of Sand and All Amped Up, Tom Borthwick on keyboards on All Amped Up, and Chris Condel on drums and percussion on All Amped Up.

MUSIC ON THE MENU: Hludzik prefers it plugged
By Alan Stout
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If you see area musician Chris Hludzik strolling into a local club toting his acoustic guitar, don’t think for one second that you’re in store for a quiet singer-songwriter type of evening. In fact, when the Weekender was putting this story together, Hludzik specifically asked that we not use a photo of him holding his acoustic guitar. Such pictures, he says, can be misleading. When he plays — even solo — he still likes to rock pretty hard.

“I don’t want people to think I’m some sort of James Taylor knockoff,” says Hludzik, 24, of Dickson City. “I don’t have a problem playing acoustic gigs, but when I do my songs acoustically, I don’t really tone them down.”

Considering Hludzik’s new CD is titled “Yours In Rock,” this should come as no surprise. The very-electric CD will be available on iTunes by Nov. 11, and several songs can already be heard on his MySpace page. Though he’s recorded before with various local bands, the 10-song collection is Hludzik’s first solo release. Tracks include “Leave It At Home,” “Insomnia” “Sleep Forever” and “Grain of Sand.” Hludzik, who is joined by several guest musicians on the CD, not only plays guitar, but also bass and keyboards.

“I’m sort of like a jack of all trades and master of none,” he says with a laugh, adding that he has also studied audio production and has worked as a sound engineer at Sound Investments studio with bands such as OurAfter, Lessen One and Dealer in Wares. His songwriting is inspired by feelings, not events.

“A lot of people write about specific people, places or things,” he says. “I write more or less about feelings and emotions that come from those people, places and things. Somebody will write a song when they’re angry at someone — and they’ll write a song about being angry at that person — whereas I’ll write a song about that anger and that feeling, not necessarily about that person or that thing. That’s how I’ve always written. I’ve never really written anything autobiographical or anything that pointed directly to one source.”

Hludzik says this style of songwriting makes it easier for listeners to put themselves into his songs.

“I’ve always been a fan of songs that anybody could connect with,” he says. “I don’t really care for songs that I can’t picture myself being able to sing, or do myself, or be able to relate to in my own life. It’s funny, but when your songs are open to interpretation and people can kind of connect, everybody has a different concept of what they’re about. There are songs on the album, and people tell me that they mean a lot of different things to them, and that’s kind of cool.”

Hludzik names Lou Reed as one of his favorite songwriters and Ian Hunter as his all-time favorite.

“His songs are just very honest,” he says of the Mott the Hoople legend. “They’re very blunt and to the point, and really beautiful. They’re very simple, but they hit you right where they need to hit you.”

Hludzik says his late father is the main reason he’s become a fan of such music, some of which was recorded more than a decade before he was born.

“We always listened to music together, and I just developed a love for it,” he says. “But it went further. He had his bands that he liked, and I’d like them as well, but if he had one or two albums from a specific artist, such as ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Animal’ by Lou Reed, well, I’d listen to that album, and then I’d go out and buy ‘Street Hassle’ or ‘The Bells.’ It was funny. He’d always liked certain artists, but I’d always end up liking them more. There was really something fascinating about it. I always liked to delve in deeper and see what they had outside of the hits and the big albums.”

Though Hludzik, like all musicians, has his favorite artists, he tries to leave it at that. He wants his own music to be reflective of no one.

“I don’t like the word ‘influence,’” he says. “To me, being ‘influenced’ by something means you try to emulate it. I’m more of a person who is ‘inspired’ by things. I don’t necessarily emulate them but rather learn from them and hopefully take some of their qualities and use them to further my own style and sound.”

Hludzik has played at venues such as Cafe Metropolis, Barnes & Noble, I-Cafe and I Brewed It My Way. He says he’s looking forward to the upcoming iTunes release of his album and — as his songwriting style supports — he hopes people can relate to the songs.

“I let the songs speak for themselves,” he says. “However people can apply them to their lives and their situations is completely up to the individual. I hope people like the stuff, but I hope, if anything, that they get something from it. That’s the ultimate thing. If they do that, hopefully I’ve done my job.”

Chris Hludzik: Yours In Rock
By Brian Fanelli
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The most impressive aspect of Chris Hludzik’s 10-song debut album, Yours in Rock, is the fact the Dickson City, Penn.-based musician not only engineered and mixed most of the album himself, but also played a majority of the instruments on the album, including bass guitar, lead and rhythm guitars, keyboards and lead and backing vocals.

The album’s opener, “Live,” is a mid-tempo rock ‘n roll song interlaced with some intricate guitar soloing. The debut kicks into a slightly higher gear on the following track, “Leave It At Home.” The song begins with crashing, heavy drum beats, followed by Hludzik’s bluesy vocals. The track also serves as warning to a love interest to back off. “If you can’t ease my mind, then why the hell are you here/If you can’t help me, please just disappear,” sings Hludzik.

Some of the tracks take on a lighter musical tone, especially the song “Insomnia.” It begins with a clean guitar riff and finds Hludzik not only singing in a higher pitch, but also sharing vocal duties on the chorus with Sarah Yzkanin. Her sweet, melodic voice fits perfectly with the song’s Beach Boys-esque flavor. Ironically, the song’s lyrical content is a lot heavier than the track’s sugarcoated pop flavor. Some of the words are a sharp critique of the fast-paced grind of western culture and the impact it has on Hludzik. “This caffeinated culture barely keeps me awake/through the daily grind and the promise of another empty handshake,” he sings.

Some of the other tracks find Hludzik experimenting with different musical styles, while maintaining the driving rock ‘n roll style that fills the album. “Sleep Forever” finds him crooning over an acoustic guitar about heartache and the desire to sleep to escape woes for a while. Meanwhile, “Friend” has a heavy industrial sound.

The album closes on a soothing note, “All Amped Up,” featuring calming piano and acoustic guitar arrangements. The song’s light, airy feel is another welcome change of direction musically.

Overall, Hludzik’s debut is impressive, especially because it showcases his ability to play a variety of instruments, spread his vocal range and shift musical styles from song to song. The production is also strong and clear, especially considering most of the album was recorded at his home studio.

Musician, Author highlight much anticipated Christy Mathewson Days Celebration
By Michael Iorfino (Staff Writer)
Published: August 5, 2012 in The Times-Tribune and at

FACTORYVILLE – Seventeen years ago, Factoryville residents organized a one-day celebration to honor a hometown hero whose list of baseball-related accomplishments are engraved on a bronze plaque hanging in Cooperstown, N.Y.

Over time, the celebration honoring the life and career of Christy Mathewson, a fireball pitcher who was among the first five players to get elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame, has grown into a communitywide event that spans two days.

This year, Christy Mathewson Days organizers are hoping to build on the festival’s already storied tradition by adding a few new events.

Scheduled to kick off Friday at noon, this year’s celebration features a lecture and book-signing by Bob Gaines, the author of “The Three Mathewsons,” and a live performance by Archbald musician Chris Hludzik on Saturday evening.

“We like to add a few events every year so it’s never just the same routine,” said Liz Ratchford, one of the event’s organizers. “But no matter what is scheduled, this celebration is great because it unites families, friends and supporters.”

The 17th annual celebration will begin, as usual, with a collection of some of Mr. Mathewson’s baseball and Army uniforms, handwritten letters and other memorabilia on display in the lobby of Keystone College’s Gambal Gymnasium. Following the display and Mr. Gaines’ lecture at 8 p.m., there will be a community ice cream social.

As a first-year attendee, Mr. Hludzik says he is most excited for the parade – which starts at 4:30 p.m. Saturday at Keystone College – though he won’t be able to see it in its entirety because he has to prepare for his performance.

“I’ve heard a lot of great things about the parade, and it will be exciting to see the number of people in attendance,” Mr. Hludzik said.

As for his performance, which follows the conclusion of the parade, Mr. Hludzik said it’s something he’s wanted to do for more than two years.

“I requested to perform at the parade two years ago, but it never ended up working out,” Mr. Hludzik said. “It’s a great opportunity for me to play music in front of a large crowd of people and cap the ending of a great night.”

By Tom Graham
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Chris Hludzik will play on Friday, Nov. 16 at 8 p.m. at The Vintage Theater 326 Spruce St., Scranton, to celebrate the release of his second album, Dissonance Meets Harmony. The electric showcase will also feature opening acts Bryan Brophy and Adam Kime/Kyle Rebar. The show is all ages with a $6 cover. If you can’t make it to the show, Dissonance Meets Harmony is available for purchase at Magdon Music in Olyphant, Embassy Vinyl, Scranton Music Works (formerly Galluci Music) and The Vintage Theater in Scranton, Duffy’s Coffeehouse in Clarks Summit, Barnes & Noble in Wilkes-Barre and Wayne’s World in Dallas.

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Date: 4/26/2013
Time: 6:00 PM TO 11:00 PM
Hilton Scranton & Conference Center, Casey Ballroom
100 Adams Avenue
Scranton, PA 18503

Event Description: Enjoy good music and a fun night for a great cause at the first ever LEGACY Music Festival in downtown Scranton. This event will bring several local musicians and a live DJ to the Casey Ballroom at the Hilton Scranton for the benefit of the local Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. The festival kicks off at 6 p.m. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased at the door.

LEGACY Music Festival will feature four of NEPA’s favorite bands: Eye on Attraction, Left Coast Envy, A Fire with Friends, and Silhouette Lies. There will also be three acoustic acts: Valkyrie, Chris Hludzik and Dylan Todd Avery. The evening’s DJ will be Ryan Kenton. Food and drinks will be available at cash bars.

All proceeds will be donated to the local American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. With the outpouring of donations to Hurricane Sandy relief, fewer donations have come in to help the local disaster relief fund. Major sponsors of the festival are The Hilton Scranton & Conference Center, Dickson City Hyundai, Koberlein Environmental Services, Penn Security Bank, Coyer Construction and Hnat Designs.

The festival is being planned and run by four Marywood University seniors as their graduation project: Amber Mohrmann, Robert Hannon, Donya Albert and Kelly Rickert. All are communication arts students who created LEGACY Music Festival as a project to incorporate the skills and tools they’ve acquired as undergraduate students. The brand, logo, campaign and all promotional tools were designed by committee members. They have also created a blog, Facebook page, YouTube and Twitter accounts to publicize the event and record the process of its creation.

Tricycle For Nathan Buchinski Benefit Concert

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Tricycle For Nathan Buchinski Benefit Concert
Sunday, 14 June 2015, 13:00
Eagle Hose Company Hall, Dickson City

Live entertainment, refreshments, bake sale, basket raffle, prizes, kids activities/games! Entertainment includes Skip Monday, Chris Hludzik, Light Weight, ABLAZE, The Push, and An Autumn Sunrise! All proceeds go toward the purchase of Nathan’s Rifton Adaptive Tricycle!

Nathan Buchinski might be mayor one day, or a police officer, or an Eagle Scout like his 19-year-old brother, Adam. But right now, all the 7-year-old Dickson City boy wants to do is ride a tricycle with his friends.

Cerebral palsy keeps him from walking on his own. It also keeps him from operating the pedals. A Rifton adaptive tricycle, which is modified so he would be able to pedal it, costs between $2,000 and $3,000, said his mother, Carolyn Buchinski.

“But Mom, I want a bike of my own,” Nathan told her. It broke her heart, but the price tag is too high.

We are hosting this benefit in order to raise the money toward Nathan’s tricycle!

Official Lineup for Sunday (Times are approximate):
1:10-1:45 Chris Hludzik
1:55-2:30 An Autumn Sunrise
2:40-3:15 Ablaze
3:25-4:00 Light Weight
4:10-4:45 The Push
4:55-5:30 Skip Monday

EXCLUSIVE: Electric City Music Conference announces 26 acts, 5 panelists, and presenting sponsor
By Rich Howells
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From a press release:

The Electric City Music Conference has just announced a host of new information on its 2016 event in Scranton.

Tunefly, a mobile app that allows users to record and post original music, write reviews of the music they want to share, and keep followers updated through journal entries, has been named the presenting sponsor for the 2016 Electric City Music Conference.

“We’re extremely excited to partner with Tunefly, as we believe this application to be a valuable resource for all musicians,” said ECMC co-founder Joe Caviston.

“It’s also been developed locally in Northeastern Pennsylvania. All in all, it seems like a match made in heaven,” added Ken Norton, who is also a co-founder of the event.

Tunefly is the latest sponsor to show support for the event, joining the likes of NEPA Scene, 97.9X, Word Is Bond Management, Prospect Music Group, FizzKicks, and 1120 Creative.

Former member of Breaking Benjamin, Lifer, and Stardog Champion and current solo artist Aaron Fink will make his debut appearance at the Electric City Music Conference, and Kingston indie rock standouts Tired Army will also play the festival for the first time. On the regional level, Matt Wheeler & Vintage Heart from Lancaster and Black Tie Brass from New York City have been added to the event.

The following acts have also been added to the 2016 ECMC lineup: The Pee Pees, Andrew Cutillo, CrimZn, Talia & Gov L (Vicious Fam), Reject Royalty, Ten Stories, Still Hand String Band, North Winds, The Barn Cats, Strength in Allies, Fiddy Shades, Chris Hludzik, Shock Value, Rob Palmitessa, Silhouette Lies, James Barrett, Dustin Douglas & The Electric Gentlemen, I Trust you to Kill Me, The Tisburys, Heart Out, Doghouse Charlie, and Spruce Springsteen.

In addition, the ECMC announced last week that national recording artist Apache Chief would be performing.

A host of music industry professionals have been announced as panelists for the conference portion of the event: Bret Alexander (singer/songwriter/producer), Freddie Fabbri (Entercom), Erick Droegmoeller (Word Is Bond Management), Jim Thorpe (Dewey Beach Music Conference/DVT Entertainment), and Vince Volz (Liberty Music Festival/DVT Entertainment).

Alexander was a member of rock legends The Badlees and the recipient of the 2015 Steamtown Music Awards Lifetime Achievement Award. Fabbri is a local radio icon who was instrumental in the early success of Breaking Benjamin.

Droegmoeller signed and released Four Year Strong’s debut album “It’s Our Time” and I Call Fives’ “First Things First” on his record label Open Your Eyes; he later managed both acts. He was an agent at Philadelphia’s FATA Booking Agency, booking The Dangerous Summer, I Call Fives, Mae, Handguns, The Story So Far, and many more bands.