CHRIS HLUDZIK is an original musician from Northeastern Pennsylvania. Chris has been writing songs for several years, and has been involved with many bands and projects (performing, writing, engineering, mixing, and producing), covering many styles and genres of music. His original music represents this diversity.

Chris started off playing guitar, then learned bass guitar, and other instruments soon followed. Chris then turned his attention to learning the art of recording, becoming an intern, and later an assistant engineer at a local recording studio (Sound Investments, in its former Scranton location), where he gained much experience about engineering as well as production in his time there.

After his time at the studio, and having been involved in many different bands/projects over the years, Chris decided to focus on his own material, and began his solo career performing live in the early Spring of 2007. He has since appeared on local cable-access television, and has performed at various venues across Northeastern Pennsylvania, ranging from small, intimate establishments, to bars and clubs, as well as being part of several showcases.

Chris currently performs throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania (solo acoustic as well as electric with a backing band), released his debut album “Yours In Rock,” in October 2008, followed by “Dissonance Meets Harmony” in October 2012, and has released an E.P. (his third release), “Nervous No More” in April 2014. His latest release is the single “Like Ian Hunter”, from April 2017.

In addition to local television, Chris’ music has also been featured on FM radio stations such as 88.5 FM – Radio Kings College (WRKC), 102.3 FM – “The Mountain” (WDMT) and 104.9 FM – “The River” (WWRR), as well as internet radio stations including NEPA Rebellion and Tastes Like Rock.